AQUACOMBINE feeding tables for the Salicornia based shrimp and seabass aquafeeds

With this freely available web-app, users can input their growth curves and obtain feeding rate recommendations corresponding to the energy and protein requirements for European seabass and whiteleg shrimp:

The AQUACOMBINE feeding tables web-app provides guidance on feeding rate estimates for feeds with a composition similar to AQUACOMBINE’s Salicornia based feeds. These estimates are tailored to each user’s fish or shrimp growth curve. Farmers can insert their target seabass or shrimp growth curve, while researchers can insert the typical growth data from their research systems. The resulting table provides the estimated feed requirements to attain each user growth curve. The web-app is available for European seabass and whiteleg shrimp. It was developed by RIASEARCH at using a modelling engine based on the Energy and Protein fluxes (Nobre et al., 2019) derived from the bioenergetic factorial approach (Lupatsch, 2003).

The user inputs include the fish or shrimp growth curve and the weight classes and temperature ranges for displaying the tables. The values can be changed directly at the web-app. After pressing the submit button the web-app will process the user request and deliver the feeding table directly at the web-app and also allow the user to download it as a spreadsheet file.

Rui Miranda Rocha
Riasearch, LDA., Portugal

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