Scientific publications

This section features the publications prepaired by the project partners.

Halophyte Plants and Their Residues as Feedstock for Biogas Production - Chances and Challenges

A. Turcios et al. 2021

Pharmacological Insights into Halophyte Bioactive Extract Action on Anti-Inflammatory, Pain Relief and Antibiotics-Type Mechanisms

R. Giordano et al. 2021

Extraction and Quantification of Chlorophylls, Carotenoids, Phenolic Compounds, and Vitamins from Halophyte Biomasses

L. Hulkko et al. 2022

Halophytes as Feedstock for Biogas Production: Composition Analysis and Biomethane Potential of Salicornia spp. Plant Material from Hydroponic and Seawater Irrigation Systems

A. Cayenne et al. 2022

Review on Environmental Sustainability Assessment Methodologies in a Perspective of Halophyte-Based Bio-Refinery

S. Raval et al. 2022

Halophytes Used in an Integrated Biorefinery with the Extraction of Bioactive Compounds

S. Fasse et al. 2022

Extraction Methods of Value-Added Compounds from Biomasses

T. Taşçı, et al. 2022

Effects of Salicornia-Based Skin Cream Application on Healthy Humans’ Experimental Model of Pain and Itching

R. Giordano et al. 2022



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