WP9 – Develop and scale up of processes for conversion of residual fractions from extraction processes into biogas (from carbohydrates) and biochar (from lignin)

For the residual fiber fraction after phyto-chemical extraction an organosolv pretreatment process will be developed for the efficient fractionation of the fibers into cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin. While cellulose and hemicellulose and derived sugars hereof will be fed to the biogas process, the wet lignin fractions from the organosolv fractionation are particularly suitable for biochar production (which can be used in the aquaculture wastewater treatment). The biogas process of the residual carbohydrates from the fibers will be designed as co-digestion process with the nutrient rich juice residue from the protein and lipid extraction, taking advantage of a synergistic effect of both co-substrates. After optimization in lab-scale, both the biogas, the fractionation and the biochar processes will be conducted in pilot scale.



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